About Us

Heroes Incorporated is an English speaking, PvE oriented Free Company. We focus on progression and end-game activities, however, we also accept social members and are more than happy to spend time on "non-hardcore" activities, such as: Seasonal Events, Housing, and socializing.

Membership Requirements

Heroes Incorporated's success stems from a welcoming, enjoyable atmosphere for both the casual and hardcore players. To this end, it is necessary to enforce at least some (albeit very fair and hopefully obvious) requirements:

  • Respect for your fellow guild members.
  • Understanding of your role, If you are interested in raiding it is required that you know the role you've chosen well enough.
  • A moderate level of maturity and willingness to improve. We understand mistakes can happen, in these scenarios members should be open to criticism and advice in attempt to advance themselves.

Recruitment Status

We are happy to accept any and all classes/levels to the guild, however if you would like to be part of a raiding team it is necessary for you to be level 50 and appropriately geared.
You must be logged into Guildwork in order to apply and/or view your application status.